If you are a person who tries to make either your circumstances or other people be different from what they are so that you can feel better about them, you are living as if you are a victim. And you are completely powerless.

I am here to introduce you to your own personal power. Let me help you.

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It's time to get FIERY FIERCE and DETERMINED about being DONE with being a victim of ANYTHING or ANYONE that makes you feel bad, isn't it?

If you'd like an in-person demonstration of how to stand in and maintain your own FIERCE DETERMINATION to make your life better, join me on April 29, 2017 in Mesa, Arizona from 1:30 to 4:30 for the Phoenix Rising workshop.

Friends, this is the real deal. I have learned for myself just how powerful it is to move forward in my life as if there really IS no such thing as "victim," and I - through this body of work - am dedicated to serving as an example of what it's like to RISE UP from the ashes of a life that may feel like it's been destroyed... to RISE UP from those ashes and stand tall and strong and empowered in a life that would never have been possible without that destruction and all of the pain that led up to it.

If you've ever felt like a victim, or if you feel like you are a victim now, and you are DONE with living at the mercy of that powerless feeling... if you are READY to free yourself from the prison of your own victim mindset... if you are WILLING to activate your Inner Champion... then I guarantee that you will find an incredible path to your own personal empowerment here, in the pages of this web site and in the pages of my latest book, "Phoenix Rising: There's No Such Thing As Victim!" [Soon to be released. I'll post the release date as soon as I know it.]

If you feel like you're finally ready to live a different kind of life - the life of a Champion rather than the life of a victim - I APPLAUD YOU! You can totally do this!

Sandi Daly



It is not ANYTHING that has happened TO you that has made you a victim.

Rather, it's what you DO with it. It's how you RESPOND to it inside yourself. It's what you do in your attitudes. It's what you do in your responses. It's what you do in your emotions.

THAT is the ONLY thing that has the power to make you a victim.

R.I.S.E. From the Ashes

Dear Victim,

I know that you have served me well
up to this point in my life
But now it's time to burn you down
and free myself from this strife
As I feel you burn to ashes
and I rise up from that pile
I find that I really CAN be Renewed
and KNOW that I am worthwhile!

Renewed, I set my Intentions
for the self-image I really desire
I begin to see just how Strong I am
'Cause - hello! - I have walked through the fire!
My Strength takes me right to Empowerment
And I leave the "victim" behind
I now step toward what's in store for me.
My new mindset and I, now completely aligned."

Sandra Anne Daly

My beautiful friend has put my story to music, and this gorgeous song is the result. I am so blessed and grateful.

"Phoenix" written and performed by Cerise Patron.  This was recorded at Unity of Phoenix on February 14, 2016.