What if, instead of falling victim to the painful or challenging things that happen in your life, you knew how to use those things to power and propel yourself forward on your Journey, right into the life that you WANT?

I am here to introduce you to your own personal power, your ability to rise ever higher, and the tools that will help you keep your trajectory aimed at where you actually want to land in life.

Would it be okay with you if your life got better? Let me help you.


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What exactly does it mean to "be your own Champion?"

It means to, as Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Stand guard at the portal of your mind."

It means, as the Buddha said, "Your worst enemy cannot harm you as deeply or painfully as your own unguarded thoughts can."

This is how I'm looking at it #1) because I want this to be fun and, #2) because it gives me a powerful visual that also happens to be highly entertaining:

I've released myself from the prison of my victim/survivor mindset. However, it can be VERY difficult not to let "real life" get to me and drive me back in there where it's safe even though it's painful and super-cramped. That mindset has a certain magnetic pull and if I'm not careful - if I don't stand guard at that portal - I can get sucked back in.

I need a Champion. I need someone strong, who knows how to powerfully and effectively wield a Sword of Truth, standing guard for me and not letting that old mindset suck me back in.

So I have created a couple of different Personal Champions, and depending on what kind of fun I want to have with this, one or the other of them ALWAYS shows up when I need them. One strongly resembles Xena, Warrior Princess, and the other? Russell Crowe in his Gladiator get-up, of course! :-)

What is the "Sword of Truth," you ask? The following two videos from the Lotus and the Butterfly series were created before the Personal Champion idea occurred to me, but they give a good explanation of the Sword of Truth. It is introduced in the first video and it is explained in the second one. Should you choose to watch or listen to them, just picture the Champion standing guard inside your mind, keeping the thoughts that imprison you from holding any power over you.

And now that you know what "Personal Champion" means I can explain what "Champion Choices" is. It is an inspirational/motivational publication that goes out to my email list with suggestions for how, in our everyday life, we can stay aware of what we're doing in our thoughts, and we can choose deliberately to activate our inner Champion to keep ourselves from getting sucked back into a mindset that does not serve us. Simple.

And you can opt in to that list right here: